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    The world is shrinking – and literally! Gone are the days when we used Nokia 3310 or a basic phone. In fact, desktops got replaced by laptops and now the laptop sales are going down because tablets, palm computers and smart phones are doing all the work. Whether it is a random Google search or checking your email or even accessing world radio, everything can be done for the small screen of your phone. The sleeker the phone, smarter (literally) it is. Thus, when the world is fast changing and accepting phones and mobiles for everything, why shouldn’t a marketer give digital technology and digital marketing a supreme importance?


    Every company today has a website, a landing page, a home page, presence on social network etc. This entire digital marketing effort of any company needs to be mobile/digitally optimized. If a person has to check out their website on the screen of a Smartphone, it should be compatible and smooth. Well, not every company has developed the skills of optimizing their pages for the digital world. Here are some tips:

    • First and foremost, remember that Smartphone’s are smaller than the actual laptop screen. Thus, the website needs to be loaded and scaled according to the size of the screen. Make sure the web developer codes the pages properly so that when a person opens it from a smaller screen of a phone, he/she can access it smoothly and the scaling happens automatically!

    • Again, because of the smaller screens and probably “less time” for the reader, the content must be crisp and precise. The chances of a browser going through tones of material on his phone are bare minimum. Thus, make sure that the content/copy is to the point and crisp!

    • Most of the mobile users will surf your website for your phone number because they need some information, reservation, place an order etc. So make sure the facility of call-to-action is available to them. If they click on your contact number, the dialing should happen instantly!


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