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    By Glotera.com

    This is some information regarding the Glotera This is a International Plat Form Based On E-Commercewith Very Strong Business Compensation Plan and Virtual Office ( so that you can trace your Business around the Globe )

    As we know network marketing is the business profession 21ct.Here Glotera brings a unique and life changing

    Business Program: i E R A

    For that I am looking for some key people to expend this business worldwide.

     Here are the some USP's (Unique Selling Proposition) of Glotera?

    We are providing first time

    Education                    ( Nominated by British Council, NCERT ,UNESCO and WSYA )

    Worldwide Vacations
    The Future of Vacation/Leisure we have our own time sharing Globally )

    Technology Wellness ( Working with Dr Ian Lyons Germany Bio-Resonance Transfer Technology )

    Industries Franchises under the one roof.

    Six Avenues of earning .

    Can earn $2,600 per day from two direct reference (one for left / right one)

    Royalty  income, starts from day one .

    For Business :

    Ajit Singh

    +91 987 624 9102 , 987 624 4119


    www.youtube.com/viscambioproduction          my video channel to better understand product

    www.vis-cambio.com          to complete information regarding the product and services    

    ajitglotera skype



    Be an Entrepreneur
    Business description

    Myself Ajit Singh I’m in e-commerce Business …looking Some Business Partners (6 Avenues To
    Earn) Become an Entrepreneur to Help Mankind First time we are Providing Award Winning Education...