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    As we all know, airless spraying machine operation must pay attention to safety, otherwise it will cause some damage to persons, Let us take a look at the safety procedures airless spraying machine.
    Wet spraying machine to go the road of green manufacturing mainly due to: the traditional manufacturing and green manufacturing in the concept of the production and sales philosophy, which led to large enterprises have the green road to take a good, out of elegance. Traditional manufacturing is only based on the design and production and sales of market information, and other factors are basically not be taken into account; the Green Manufacturing precisely contrast, not only to pursue the market demand and sales but also on the side of the people, events and things to consider, especially the living environment in the first place, so wet spraying machine is not to become the minister of national energy consumption, but a hero protecting the environment.

    Wet mix spraying machine

    After the reform and opening up, the development of various sectors of the country are very good, spraying machines and other equipment in the painting industry is widely used, then, such a good device to use his how to improve the production efficiency of the work?

    With the good powder recycling system, on the one hand to reduce rebound powder workshop serious pollution to reduce the waste of powder. From a long-term perspective, the increase powder recovery systems are more advantages than disadvantages. The original use of the poor performance of the recovery system, the long-term use will not achieve the proper role of the recycling system, the best can be replaced.

    The safety procedures of airless spraying machine are as follow:

    Airless spray the opportunity to produce a high injection pressure, non-gun at yourself, another person or animal.
    Do not use a gun no nozzle security.
    Only use not heated, a flash point of 21 degrees Celsius or 21 degrees Celsius over the paint. (Flash point is the minimum temperature required to paint begins to evaporate.)
    Spraying must wear protective equipment.
    The maximum allowable working pressure of the spray gun, gun accessories and high-pressure hose can not be less than the maximum working pressure of 25MPa indicated by the spraying equipment.
    Electrostatic gun and high pressure hose through the release of high-pressure hose. Therefore, the resistance of the joint between the high-pressure hose must be equal to or less than 1MΩ
    Under certain conditions, the spray apparatus when spraying due to the flow velocity of the spray material to produce an electrostatic charge. Discharge electrostatic charge generated the instantaneous Mars or ignition. Therefore, it is necessary to make the the spraying system time ground through the electrical equipment.

    Modern era, we must design and development of more green wet spraying machine machinery and equipment, and its main purpose is to maximize the reduction of environmental pollution, and also enables the maximization of corporate profits and production energy use. Thus, the green building is clearly in line with current and future economic development trends, I will this green concept fully injected into our wet spraying machine equipment to accelerate the wet spraying machine, spraying machine equipment the road, take the green manufacturing Avenue.

    Green carbon is the major trend of the development of various industries, our wet spraying machine manufacturers who must be concerned about the wet spraying machine, spraying machine energy use in the production process, exhausting its own can reduce energy consumption and waste, for you and me he shared living environment is a force.

    Henan oriental machienry

    Henan oriental machienry

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