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    Mortar pump generation, is a huge boon for the construction, greatly improved work efficiency. According to the understanding of the staff mortar pump, this machinery is not a short-lived machinery. Traditional working process people use machinery not only the operating speed is slow, and the machinery of life is not long, but a new type of mortar pump state-of-the-art technology, greatly improving the efficiency and useful life of his work. And new mortar pump up the volume only the original two-thirds of the old section of mechanical, more convenient for the machine to access the various places can more small gap to fill.Mortar Pump

    Corrosion-resistant mortar pump is a very common pump, are useful in many places, although we may not know these pumps, but a huge role to play in our lives. The mortar pump the principle is not very complicated, we take a look at the excellent performance of corrosion-resistant mortar pump.

    piston mortar pump in piston mortar pump pumping capability is strong, work stability, compared with the screw type mortar pump, plunger type slurry pump adopt plunger type pumping technology, sufficient pressure to pump slurry level will reach 200 meters, the vertical pump delivered to 100 meters. At the same time, considering the scene of the slurry pump working environment,  piston mortar pump cancelled the original mixing cylinder device, since the new matching air compressor. Both reduced the construction site need to add extra pressure device, through reasonable layout, at the same time make the internal components are arranged more compact, saved a space as a whole. In addition, the piston mortar pump adopts streamlined design, appearance is more beautiful, let the customer feel the practicality while also increased the visual enjoyment, implements the concrete appearance and inner common beyond mechanical products.

    Mortar pump in geotechnical engineering grouting technology suitable for pressure in the following 6MPa static pressure grouting, grouting operations can be summarized in four categories:

    1. Filling or fracture grouting
    Caverns, tectonic fault zone, grouting the wall of the tunnel lining. Geotechnical level, joints and faults seepage, consolidation grouting.

    2. Permeation grouting
    Does not destroy the the formation particles Ordering conditions, the slurry is filled in the gap of particulates, the particles cemented into a whole. The permeation grouting necessary conditions slurry particle size is much smaller than the particle size.

    3. Compaction Grouting
    Compaction grouting is injected into a very thick slurry to form spherical or cylindrical plasma bubble surrounding soil compaction, soil plastic deformation, but not the soil splitting failure.

    4. Fracturing grouting
    Fracturing grouting slurry in the hole with the increase of the injection pressure, the first pressure the dense surrounding soil when the pressure reaches a certain level, slurry flow strata splitting to form a vein or ribbon cementation. Mainly used for soil reinforcement, fractured rock mass Seepage.

    Dams, mine workings, shafts, tunnels, rivers, Cross Harbour Tunnel, subway underground excavation grouting impervious curtain, can control the gushing water or seepage. Dam, dam foundation seepage around foundation seepage and basal gushing sand can deal with the grouting method.

    Henan oriental machienry

    Henan oriental machienry

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