And now…the final touch!

    By formabilio

    There is just one thing left to do… the final touch! Begins today Add on, the latest contest launched by the participatory web-platform Formabilio for young or aspiring designers.


    The participants are called to design the “quintessential” home accessory the product that with its shape, look dimension, function adds, improves, enhances the overall view of a room. A sign, a detail, the final touch that  completes, making the interior functional, versatile, captivating highlighting the style. It is not ordinary, neither superfluous, It is an indispensable addition. It has an independent disposition but not predominant, in other words It is the best furniture piece you could crave for.

    Projects have to respect certain fundamental requirements: to be in the Home accessories category (so are not allowed:  Furniture, lamps,  ornaments, fashion,  objects,  pottery,  kitchen tools, vases, toys ) It has to be “doable” with the materials –solid and panel wood, upholstered furniture with few different finishing- and production capacity of Formabilio’s partner companies. Another essential requirement is the dimension of the packaging that cannot be over 230 cm in length and exceed 30 kg of weight (packaging included) for each parcel in order to keep shipping costs low. Last but not least, projects have to be easy to assemble and install, inspired by eco-design values.

    Projects have to be submitted using the dedicate webpage from 10.00 am CEST on the 12th of September 2013 and by no lather than 6.00 pm CEST on the 25th of September 2013.

    Formabilio’s community will have time to vote the projects until 6:00 pm CESTon the 23rd of October 2013 and the winners will be announced by the 6th of November 2013.

    Then, as always, the technical Commission formed by representatives of Formabilio, its manufacturers, communications and design experts, who will select by no later that the 3rd of July at least 2 projects for production moreover, following the philosophy of Formabilio, at least one will be chosen from among the 10 community most voted projects.

    To the winners Formabilio will give the possibility to see their project produced and to earn the 7% of the final sale price derived from the sale on website.

    To enter and have further information on the contest:, a startup focusing on business, employment  and that thinks ethical.

    It was born with the ambition to make Participatory design and Made in Italy a brand to export worldwide, Formabilio is a Web platform that promotes through the internet design contest intended for aspiring and professional designers, these are called to design furniture and furnishing that will be produced by small Italian manufacturing companies and sold online on web platform.  Formabilio turn to designers with contests to identify the best projects of innovative furniture, sustainable and appealing, and submit them to the reviews and comments of the community  of design enthusiastic and discover those that are best suited to finally go to production. Founded on the concept of crowdsourcing, Formabilio shares the results (economically too) of his venture with all persons involved on the project: from the designer to manufacturing companies. Nowadays Formabilio community has 70.500 registered users, among whom 1.362 are designers for a total amount of 2.561 submitted projects.


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    We are a start-up with a business eye and ethical mind. We give shape to designers’ ideas thanks to the know-how of small Italian manufacturing companies. The resulting products tell the story of