Google vs. Facebook: What Earns more Dollars?

    By CBIL360

    Earn more dollars

    For a long time, Google was the undisputed online channel for promoting your business. Be it a local store or a giant company, Google was the primary marketing source be it for SEO, PPC ads or affiliate marketing. 

    However, as the social media wave hit the landscape, Facebook emerged as yet another equally potent online medium, putting all the business owners in a fix. For most business owners, it is a difficult choice and even more difficult it is to determine where to put your marketing dollars into.

    So, here it is, for all those who are weighing Facebook and Google, the two top most marketing channels. Given below is a comparison of how the two stack up and which one is really bringing you the revenue:

    Metric Facebook Google
    Views at least one product page   73.19% 56.30%
    Bounces from first page   45.67% 25.69%
    Adds item to cart   3.08% 7.22%
    Conversions   0.49% 2.44%

       *The figures given above indicate the traffic to more than 100 ecommerce sites

    According to the figures provided by Monetate, Facebook rides way ahead of Google, when it comes to sheer pageviews. This means that if you want to get your brand to be noticed and have high traffic as the primary objective, Facebook can be the medium for you.

    However, apart from this, Google scores high on all the other fronts. This means that while Facebook may generate more traffic for your ecommerce website, it also leads to an equally high bounce rate.

    Google on the other hand fares better, when it comes to generating highly relevant and targeted audience that are looking to do business.

    This may be a lot to do with people resorting to Facebook just to explore and check out the latest stuff while it has been Google that has been the most obvious choice for making a conscious purchase or business.

    While Facebook has emerged strongly on the digital marketing front, it still is more effective in branding and occupying mind space than actual sales.

    If you are a business owner or the marketing guy, this will help you review your marketing strategies and online spending. Remember, Facebook is still more about engagement & connecting with the brand while people still opt to Google the products, prices and reviews and then buy.

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