Comparison of Sand and Cartridge Filters for Pools

    Jeny Thomas
    By Jeny Thomas

    Your backyard swimming pool is a great source of fun and relaxation. In order to provide your family and friends with unlimited as well as un-interrupted swimming experience, it is essential that you ensure proper maintenance of your pool.  This could be achieved by installing high performance pool filter in your pool.

    A pool filter functions to remove dirt and contaminants from pool water in order to make it clean for swimmers to swim. There are three main types of pool filters and all of them are known to offer optimum level of performance, with each having their own share of pros and cons.

    Though, the choice of filter for a pool depends largely upon the preference of a pool owner as well as frequency of pool usage, yet it is necessary to understand the basic differences that set these three filters apart from each other. However, the two most popular and frequently used filters are sand and cartridge. In fact, sand is the oldest and the most widely used filter system on swimming pools.

    Sand Filters -The sand filter works by pumping water through a media bed of sand particles inside the tank. These filters possess a series of chambers which hold special kind of pool sand. As the pump pushes water through the filter system, dirt and contaminants are trapped in the small spaces between the sand particles.

    The major advantage of sand filters is the ease of maintenance. All you require doing is you turn the handle on the top of the filter to backwash the filter on their own. This saves you time as well as hassle involved in getting out the tools to disassemble the system every time it requires cleaning.

    Cartridge Filters –These filters are usually more effective than sand filters. These filters use a cartridge filtering element often made up of reinforced polyester material, to remove dirt and other impurities. Cartridge filters have a larger surface area than sand filters. This allows cartridge filters to remain clogged less often and thus require less maintenance. In fact, cartridge filters require occasional cleaning i.e. once or twice per swimming season

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    Jeny Thomas

    Jeny Thomas

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