Google Streetview

    By Centillien
    Google Streetview

    Now Google Streetview is really improving, we decided to include the streetview to maps.

    This means that if a visitor clicks your company in any of the maps views we provide it will display your street view and company building. 

    Not all locations in the world have a street view yet, so we only display it if your location has already been vistited by Google. If not, we will show a brief description of your company and the exact location on the map.

    This is an example (smaller scaled) view of the company location of Elan Emerging Technologies in Chicago. 

    Streetview Elan Emerging Technologies

    Try it yourself and click on the markers (red buttons in the map). Again, it only show street view if available

    Maybe it does not seem important, but it is. People recognize views and it is always good to see a familiar picture. We can only show what you provide us with, so make sure that your City and Address are correct in your profile. Otherwise we cannot show anything.

    We hope you like it, and if you do. Appreciate this article





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    • NetCare
      By NetCare

      Google did a good job on the NetCare part, their streetview is immediately showing our office