Best Speech and Communication Aids for Autistic Children

    Anjali Panwar
    By Anjali Panwar

    Parenting is a tough job. But, parenting a child who requires special care is always a tough job. It requires ample of patience, understanding and research to take care of a child of god. There are various issues that need to be addressed at some phase or other, but most important among them is speech and communication. They should be able to speak up and slowly start speaking. They might need some speech and communication products in order to be able to speak or to learn how to speak.

    AAC and Speech Generating Devices

    The toughest condition to face is the inability to communicate using speech emanated from developmental or acquired disabilities. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) products such as Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) and adaptive equipment and therapy solutions prove to be the most effective speech and communication aids to the people who need special care. These devices are of many kinds such as Flash, Emack Communicator and Super Talker. They are very adaptive and have physical features catering to the needs of the autistic children. To name a few, WhisperPhone is one of the most renowned manufactures producing speech and communication aids for special needs children and adults. Ark Therapeutic India is the next name people recognize easily as they have used most of the product for learning disabilities and special needs children.

    WhisperPhone is very simple and easy to use phonetic tool that is a perfect speech therapy for a child. As mentioned in Help Them Shine portal, that when they speak, their voice is reverted directly to their ear from the mouth through the device tube in order to make them hear their own voice clearly. This ensures an improved signal-to-noise ratio, which means the users can hear their own voice better over all the other background noise.

    This improved signal-to-noise ratio provides a clarified signal of intelligible speech thereby raising phonemic awareness and optimizing the process of learning to read or process language. Hearing their own voice clearly thus encourages the users to speak more quietly which results in a more quiet and conducive learning environment for others.

    Being a parent, one needs to be very patient. A parent has to research on the manufacturer who produces products that are well tested and adopted by special needs children. How would you find such manufacturer or find existing products that have helped many? There are many NGOs working with leading agencies in order to spread awareness about Autism and also helping parents take care of their wards. They can be of great help finding the best seller of required products and therapies. Help Them Shine is an organization that is also one of the best online portals available today. They deliver products at your door steps within India.