Imus Macabee – Re-inventing the Woman Shoes & Beyond!!!

    By imusmacabee

    The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world - so goes an adage. Imus Macabee (IM) therefore has thought of giving back to our beloved mothers alias women in general an innovative range of products in designer shoes and apparels which  will usher them to a whole new world of coziness and comfort.

    Why Imus Macabee:

    Innovation, Creativity, Comfort and Style are the buzzwords for IM to follow and to live by. It’s based in San Jose, California and claims to be different. IM tries and does things differently rather than doing different things at a time. That’s why IM has confined its product range into 02 categories only Shoe and Apparel for ladies. 

    Ballet Flats:

    New product in shoe category has been Folle; which is ultimate flat shoe for women’s comfort on the go. Folle uses highest quality of leather with unique color combination that creates a class apart in its category. It has introduced Pearl Folie and Crystal Folie series of shoes with a unique range of carry bags which put the product ahead of its competition.

    Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift:

    As a token of appreciation to all mothers IM produces shoes in international and contemporary style, innovative in designs – an ideal fit for the last minute Mother’s Day Gift.

    Comfortable Walking Shoes:

    IM spends profusely in making your walk comfortable, does continuous improvement through product innovations. IM therefore asks its customers to check frequently with them for new arrivals – a commitment simply unmatched.

    Apart from shoes IM also produces apparels that are ideally casual ones and suit the young ladies best. Shopping experience on IM’s website is awesome having your cart always on display on the left side. So, the next time you think of purchasing a pair of shoes don’t forget to check with Imus Macabee at the first place.  For more info

    Imus MaCabee

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    Imus MaCabee is a leading and reputed concern where a wide array of shoes being offered like leather foldable shoes, stylish shoes for work and flat shoes at quite affordable rates.