How to let visitors contact you

    By Centillien

    Centillien gets a great deal of business requests through our contact form. This is probably because vistors think they can contact your company using our form. That is not the case. We always refer them to your company page and look up contact details, or advice them to register and connect.

    So it still is very important to have good contact details. Whether it is your company website or fill out details as phone etc.. 

    But sometimes the barrier is to high to contact you by phone and people just want to leave a message for you, so you will contact them. 

    You can use the message board for this. If you configure the widget to public, visitors which are the majority of the users on Centillien can leave a message for you to contact them. But be aware that this also make's it open to spammers. So it is a choice, whether to possibly loose an interested customer or have to remove crazy messages. You can also make the messageboard available to registered companies only. 

    The default is connections only. Which allows only you and the companies you are connected with to leave a message.



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    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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