Polish Daily Urges Asylum for Snowden

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    Edward Snowden, saying in an editorial that he should also get the Nobel Peace Prize.

    In early July Mr. Snowden requested asylum from more than 20 countries, including Poland. The country rejected his request on a formality but said it would have said no in any case because of its U.S. alliance.

    “By granting him asylum we would be able to show we are capable of speaking about threats to democracy and to protect people who sacrifice their lives for this cause,” said Gazeta Wyborcza commentator Michal Wybieralski. The newspaper is Poland’s top-selling up-market daily and has been one of the country’s most influential voices in public debate over the past two decades.

    Mr. Wybieralski’s call for Mr. Snowden to be given the Nobel Peace Prize backs a proposal from a Swedish sociology professor. However, the newspaper acknowledged that Mr. Snowden was unlikely to be offered the award and that getting asylum in Poland would be “ineffective.”

    “Democracies, which should be grateful to Snowden, won’t protect him, while authoritarian states will eagerly come to the American’s rescue,” the daily said.

    Gazeta Wyborcza’s view isn’t shared by all Poles. Leszek Miller, a post-communist prime minister in the early 2000s, said Mr. Snowden betrayed his nation.

    Despite his communist upbringing and a career as an apparatchik before 1989, Mr. Miller worked closely with the U.S. while heading a democratically elected government. He has been accused of tolerating a so-called black site operated by the CIA on Polish soil, an allegation he dismisses.

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