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    ISQEM have now established a blog. The ISQEM blog has varous articles on safety management and leadership which are unique to the industry.  The postings are of interest to safety professionals in all industries. In particular the creative articles on day-to-day safey.

    One of the benefits of this ISQEM blog is that they are always leading with ideas on ways to improve peoples personal skills and attributes in OHS. The site which is  is for great HSE consultants who want to learn the trade.

    Internationaly the safety within all industrys is suffering due to cutbacks and reduction of financial support. The tips you will find in the ISQEM blog will haelp you survive and still operate in todays marketplace.


    Centremax Health & Safety Consultants

    Centremax Health & Safety Consultants

    Health and Safety Consultants
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    Safety Consultants operating in Kent, London, and international. We provide a complete range of health and safety consultancy services from safety management systems to health and safety training...


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