Upgrading the word Idealism

    By NetCare
    Upgrading the word Idealism

    Today my thoughts are wondering about idealism.

    Let's start what it is. It seams to depend on the context


    - In political terms it is about a dream that mostly is judged as impractical or impossible.

    - In religious terms it is even worse, it is considered stubborn, fanatic or sometimes related to terrorism.

     - In business terms it is considered as a good thing, companies that have idealistic goals are considered more friendly, customer focussed and trusted.


    Funny, that a term can have opposite meanings without changing the word itself. In latin they would call that "non sequitur". So let's analyse closer.

    A more logical conclusion derived from these differences is that the meaning is depending on what the prime goal of the one stating it is. The ones that have an opposite goal (like a company)  which wants to make more profit, are improving with idealism and those who are already tend to focus on a (what they consider) a good thing, it suddenly becomes a bad thing.

    I am not going to change that (simply because I can't). What I do want to state that if derived from previous goals, idealism is in principle a good thing. Let's explain this further.

    If you ask adult people what they want from life, a lot of them will mention money as one of the things. If you ask them what they want for their children, happiness probably is the most mentioned word. Happiness is not clearly defined, but in whatever human context it is considered good and idealistic and even more important, it is a true basic goal in all of our lives.

    Money is in best just a mean to acheive it, up to a certain point. If you want to know more about what I mean whith that. Read my article "Socialism or capitalisme, can both be right

    So, if we could throw away the predetermined goals. Idealism becomes a good thing. That means that politicians, companies, religious leaders, even NGO's and all those who predifine goals should lose them and maybe the world would become a better place. Set your prime goals second is the advice !

    Based on this, I'd personally would like to redefine my personal goals to more idealistic ones. I want to be happy and I'd like other people to be as well. Money is just a thought or a mean and not a goal on itself but anyway good to have. Even my eternal life (if I would believe that I could acheive that) is second to being happy. What a nightmare it would be to live (rich and famous) forever, if you always would feel bad about things.

    That is why I think any organisation could improve, if they truly mean it when setting idealistic goals. It is the ultimate goal and there is only one reason why the word deteriorated. It is because it became a second goal. Truly mean that sharing knowledge, saving natural resources and fighting pollution and corruption is more important than making money or gaining power. That could be a path to a faster evolving human race and even a better and more stable economic system.

    Now I maybe sound like a left wing politician, which I am truly not. I believe that those in power, including companies are doing a better job for themselves and others if they redefine their priorities.

    This thought probably needs a lot of refinement and constraints to make it work. But it is a start and I am writing a blog, not a book Laughing

    Hope to reach at least one person on this planet to give this some more thought and get it into action.  



    NetCare is een ervaren ICT organisatie, die praktische en uitvoerbare oplossingen levert op de gebieden detachering, software ontwikkeling en ons sociaal intranet applicatie MyVox om zo toegevoegde waarde te creëren.
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    NetCare is een ervaren ICT organisatie, die praktische en uitvoerbare oplossingen levert op de gebieden detachering, software ontwikkeling en ons sociaal intranet applicatie MyVox om zo toegevoegde...

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        Ninia Lazaar Violiste

        Надеемся достичь по крайней мере один человек на этой планете, чтобы дать этой мысли еще немного и получить его в действии.:) 

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          Dat laatste doel lijkt bereikt volgens de vertaling

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            Ninia Lazaar Violiste

            Ik ben het eens !Laughing