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    Jasie Jack
    By Jasie Jack

    The growing demand of beauty products forced various brands and companies to come up with wide ranges of beauty products. However, women are aware of only 40% companies and brands of beauty products.  According to the latest Mintel report, 50% of women are unaware of new beauty product launches.  The competition is too high in the beauty industry. So, you need to handle your business strategically and reach to a large number of target audiences in order to make your business successful.  This is where PR agencies will help you.  PR companies work on their client side to make a strong brand image and aware more people about the new products and services.

    Are you looking for one of the best PR agencies that help small beauty companies in making a strong brand image? If yes, then "Hot Stone Communications" is one of the best places to visit.  We are situated in the San Francisco Bay area and specialized in providing our clients from health, beauty and wellness sectors a strong brand image. We features integrated communications like social media, web, CRM, public relation and advertising to solve our client’s marketing challenges.

    We have a great team of experienced, skilled and knowledgeable PR professionals who knows all the marketing tricks and techniques through which you can easily get success in your business field. So, choose our Beauty Public Relations service to make a strong brand image. From media kit development, media outreach,   press  release development & distribution, press tour organization & management, celebrity  endorsement  to Hollywood movie product placement, we handle everything  to make  your product more  visible.

    We are full service Beauty PR agency and specialize in helping clients in defining, building and launching strong brand image. Our service charges are very competitive that you will not get in any other place. Providing excellent PR services at competitive rates and help clients in making their business successful is our main goal.

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