Best Guesses at Future of Content Marketing Strategy

    By B.R DAVID

    Can you tell what will be the content marketing scenario after 10 years? Certainly can’t. But you can at least use your special brain to predict the future of content marketing based on its current status.

    Roughly saying, the epoch will be pulling more & more high-value contents, high-end technology and some huge demand for content marketing & wonderful marketers.

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    Future Trends:

    • More is better. Content In-sourcing will be high, i.e., more employees will be asked to develop contents for the same brand. This will result in high volume of expert-level contribution.
    • Content marketing budgets will keep rising. As we are already witnessing some good content marketing strategies demanding more dollars so the rise in the marketing budgets will be more in the coming years.
    • Multimedia Contents will gain more popularity. Now it’s somehow old-fashioned to go with those same text-based articles. People no longer seem to persist in normal articles regardless of how much information they contain. Why not put graphics, audios and videos in contents to add more interactivity? This is the current mentality; guess its future..!!
    • Contents will be there – everywhere – even on Ads. Ads will not just be ads or some sales messages. They will rather bear value. So contents will be there on Ads too so as to make them clickable and worthy.

    Future Content Marketing Technology:

    • Analytics software will be more complex. Analytics software will become more complicated and better in future to track accurately what users experience with contents. Articles, contents and videos will be there in the spotlight only if they get preferred by users. This is exactly what Analytics will show up.
    • CMS will be playing vital role. Content Marketing System will be more robust, much more sophisticated and integrated with other technologies to produce only technical contents. So almost all websites will be pretty rich in technical contents resulting in high competition between marketers to create technical up to date contents.
    • Marketing Automation will mature immensely. Automation systems will be maturing their forms to reach every content creating consultant. This will only be enhancing flexibilities for creating data-based contents.

    Who will be leading from the front?

    • Good Content Creators. Companies will be highly requiring quality and valuable contents in the future. So good content creators will be enjoying their days being in the limelight, thus content development budget will rising greatly.
    • Elimination of poor-quality content farms. Search engines will be updating their algorithms well within quarters (the best guess from Google’s frequent updates last year). So poor contents will never be finding any place in the search results. This means there’s no place for farms developing low-quality contents.
    • Rise of marketing technologists. According to Scott Brinker of there will be requirement for three types of marketers in the future.

     i.   The First type will be consisting of some technically savvy personnel which will be able to understand the smarter ways to apply technology in every activity.

     ii. The Second type will be of some technical master coordinators who will be mainly reporting to the marketing department.

    iii.  And the third type will include some marketing technology specialists with engineering background who will be handling the coding parts.

    • Rise of hybrid marketers. The demand for people capable of performing many roles at a single time is already high at present. The best guess suggests this demand will further increase with time. Those persons in marketing world are termed as hybrid marketers.

    Dear bloggers, you’re welcome to make your best guesses at the future of content marketing. The comment box below is all yours. I’ll be very glad to see you contributing there.

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