SW PROPOSAL: How an idea is transformed into a product

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    As you may have already known, the Software Proposal Portal is a useful tool that offers several functionalities at the same time: software proposal creator, CRM, and scheduler. This SAAS service was created for freelancers and small businesses in the IT industry.

    Today we would like to tell you about an idea, which was discovered a number of years ago and materialized into a successful software product utilized by more than 1000 of users.

    First of all, it is important to realize that the Software Proposal Portal might not be a perfect fit for every company. The service was created specifically for companies and freelancers in the IT industry. Furthermore, the portal is suitable for companies interested in improving their efficiency, performance, and magnitude in automating most business processes. In return, the automation of business operations with SW Proposal includes the automation of sales operations, project analyses, project planning, proposal creation processes, and customer relationship management. 

    “At Yumasoft, we initially created the Software Proposal Portal because we were working on improving our sales process and could not find any existing application successfully covered the needs of outsourcing software development companies. We have been using our system internally for the last 2 years and are constantly working on improving it and adding new functionalities. We researched and discovered that a lot of companies and even freelancers face the same issues. That is why we decided to create a SAAS system that anyone can use and that improves competition and efficiency in the IT industry. Since the official release in December 2012, we have been in constant communication with our users and have got a lot of feedback, which we carefully analyze and utilize to work on new functionalities and even new. Today we have more than 1000 users and we are sure that the future will bring many more. I would like to welcome new users and thank all our existing users for their support and patience!”, says Nick Rogozhnikov, CEO of Software Proposal Portal Inc.

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    Software Proposal Portal

    Software Proposal Portal

    SW Proposal is professional tool for creating software project proposals and CRM for software development companies and freelancers
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    SWproposal is a unique tool which helps you create professional and attractive software project proposal. The CRM functionality keeps track of sales activity, maintains a list of potential clients...