Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School of the Culianry Arts Upgrades Classroom


    Chef LeeZ .. Thai Cooking School BKK, is Trip Advisor Thailand #1, Thai culinary arts cooking school since 2011, and genuinely thanks every student for choosing Chef LeeZ and extends a very special THANK YOU to the hundreds of past students that gave of their personal time to review us on line, Trip Advisor #1 since 2011, and elsewhere.  Without you Chef LeeZ may still be Thailand's best kept secret!  

    Chef leeZ is pleased to announce Class room enhancements which include an upgrade to its interior and all work stations are now  stainless steel as are the chairs their students sit on and they have changed their aprons to bright red and gold.  As the year progresses there will be additional class room improvements, but they are still a secret, so I can’t share them with you, just yet.

    They have added a NEW CLASS named “3PM Semi-Private”  and redefined their Private class.  The 3PM Semi-Private class is currently subject to a minimum of 4 students ..  so pay for 4 students (you can bring 3 friends) and the class is yours.   Full details are available on our classes page.

    The school motto is “WHERE IT IS ABOUT YOU, THE STUDENT” and this means that you, as a student, will always receive more than is promise you on their website.   Their professionally trained and experienced instructors, who have also trained under Chef Lee, are required to share all the technique and all of the secrets to each dish they teach in class.  Example being: our website  group class is comprised of 5 of the most student requested dishes and all classes except those that are near student capacity will receive an additional  3 – 4 dishes, no charge.  One of Chef LeeZ   free extra dishes is Tom Yum Chili Paste.  At the time of this article othercookery schools make these a seperate class for  1200 baht to 3000 baht for this dish by its self.  At Chef LeeZ  it’s included no extra charge!

    You are invite to visit our site  or  and try their free gourmet Thai cuisine recipe pages with over 60 (vegan and or omnivore) gourmet Thai cuisine recipes to choose from and their related how to tutorial video, also free, or to read up on all their class options or to reserve a class or to share your past class experience with your fellow travelers.

    May your Thailand experience be safe and wondrous and may you experience very few T.I.T.'s (This Is Thailand) as they can be as simple as your taking a taxi no meter and paying 5 times what the same ride would cost by meter or a Tuk Tuk ride special deal that takes you to all his relatives retail shops and he gets paid for your going into the store or your telephone won't work. Your Thai connection said 10 minutes but forget to mention that's 10 Thai minutes not foreigner minutes.  If your taxi ride to our school is taking longer than 30 minutes call us.

    From all of us at Chef LeeZ … Thai Cooking School BKK ..

    Chef LeeZ wishes you and yours health and prosperity.

    Thailands TA#1 Culinary Arts Thai Cooking School since 2011
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    Chef LeeZ culinary arts Thai cooking schoo lin Bangkok has been Trip Advisor Thailand #1 since 2011. Where vegetarians-vegans or omnivores (ages 4 and up) take in our "Hands -On" cooking class,...

      Chef LeeZ Culinary Arts Thai Cooking School

      Thailands TA#1 Culinary Arts Thai Cooking School since 2011


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