Stubborn Maarten

    By Biozar
    Stubborn Maarten
    Stubborn Maarten:
    Last Friday we had an impressive  meeting with a user of Biozar. This meeting lingerd on through my head al weekend long. Stubborn Maarten he was called by his doctors, exactly 5 year ago doctors diagnosed bowel cancer at this truly remarkable person. After an operation and chemotherapy the cancer was cured. But after a couple of months during his periodical monitoring cancer found his way back, lungs an intestines were infected again.
    Now five years later he is still alive although his 60th 4 years ago he “celebrated” his birthday as a kind of farewell. He started using Biozar 4 years ago and is still hanging on in a remarkable good shape. He still has its own hair  looked healthy for a man at his age.  Lost his fingerprints due to the long term in which he was treated by chemotherapy. Last week he told us he started with his 97th chemotherapy, his oncologist told him had has never seen a case as an oncologist the past 30 years in which a person had over 50 of chemotherapy treatments.   
    Every three weeks he started an new chemotherapy treatment, 2 weeks on, one week of, to detoxicate his body. Beside Biozar he uses Conbucha. In two months he will reach the benchmark of a 100. He told us that he is convinced that Biozar helped him to hang on. From our side we complement Maarten with his achievement. Thank you maarten!


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