MORNING BRIEFING: Czech Politics, Polish Central Bank Minutes in Focus

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    Czech political leaders will continue to hold talks on finding a new prime minister and avoiding early elections and investors will study the minutes from the May rate-setting meeting of the Polish central bank.
    The talks follow a massive bribery and spying scandal, involving a top aide of former premier Petr Necas, who stepped down earlier this week, and resigned on his chairmanship of his conservative Civic Democratic Party, the largest member of the three-party coalition government.
    The Civic Democrats are seeking to re-group their coalition and asking their allies to support their party's member and parliament speaker--Miroslava Nemcova--as a new prime minister to govern through the next regular general elections due by mid-2014.

    By: Leos Rousek
    Posted: June 20, 2013, 10:16 am

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