Centillien birthday

    By Centillien

    One year ago we went live with Centillien. Time for celebration, reflection and a view ahead.

    For me personal it has been a very busy year, building new functionality, testing, tightening security, press releases, interviews etc...

    But it was all worth it, we have build a new network dedicated for companies around the world to expose their existence, products, services and to meet new business contact.



    In our first year of existence almost 12.000 companies are registered, allthough we also could easily had more than 50.000 registrations, if we lowered the entrance bar. We didn't, while it was sometimes really tempting.

    More than 3.000.000 visitors found Centillien. We have 400.000 registered pages in Google, 5.000 likes and shares in Facebook, 1100 in Google, and thousands of links in Linkedin and Twitter and other sites. We also managed to build a top ranking in Alexa.

    Last year, we had strong focus on growth in all of these areas. The coming year we will have more focus  on qualifying content and members. It has become more and more difficult for visitors and company members to find out what is worth reading or viewing and which members you should incorporate in your network.

    That is why we just started with a new program "Featured members" where we daily select new companies that stand out of the crowd, all free. It  doesn't mean you have to be a bank, airline or other big company. Any company that makes a real effort in creating quality on Centillien can and will be selected. Offcourse the big canons will also be selected Laughing

    Next step will be pre selecting content. We already do that with news, but will soon add video's and later on other content. Our members have really created a beautiful collection of content, but it is sometimes a little hard to find. We will help with that by preselecting interesting contributions.

    By doing this we also hope to encourage members to improve their efforts and become part of our selection. In spite of that, any non selected company still gets a fair chance. Centillien has an excellent track record in search engines and even if we do not select you, other companies and customers can still find you and do business. But those who do not make a real effort, don't stand a chance and that is how it is supposed to be. Only registering will not bring you any new business, that is true in real life and still on the internet.

    What you still can do, is totally bypass us and become popular on Centillien. Just be active, build your network and you will speed up in the rankings which are build automatically and become listed on the first page of one of our most visited pages: "Popular companies" It will drive traffic to your profile and content for sure. Another easy way is to become a professional and we will make sure you show up a lot.

    If you have questions, you can always send a messages to the Centillien webmaster, or start a discussion in the user group.

    I am excited to see what our second year will bring. We will continue to expand the network in both quantity and quality. 

    Thanks to all our registered companies that trusted us in our first year and lets all build on to this succes. You can help us by appreciating good content, become a translator or do your utmost best to build business using Centillien.


    Gerard Kanters





    Social network for companies. Full public profile, advertising, blogs, videos, events, groups. We have the most functional social network in the world
    About me

    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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    • Centillien
      By Centillien

      Featured videos is now implemented. Only a few videos are selected, if your think we missed great videos report the video using the "report this" and give a comment on why we should add it to the selection

    • Ninia Lazaar Violiste
      By Ninia Lazaar Violiste

      Congratulations Centillien, I look forward to the second year image

    • De Noordkant
      By De Noordkant

      Gerard,  I can’t believe that it has already been a year since you first opened the virtual business doors of Centillien. This has been such a fantastic year, and I am still very excited about it!

       Congratulations on your first anniversary and I'm looking forward to many collaborations in the following years. !!!

    • Centillien
      By Centillien

      @Luxury Artisan. Great that you prefer Centillien over LinkedIN. We will look into the possibility to import contacts from other social sites, to be honest I do not think it is possible. LinkedIn and Facebook do not provide email addresses to be exchanged by default between connected profiles.

      Importing from mail like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook should be possible. I will put it on the wishlist. 

    • Centillien
      By Centillien

      @Luxury Artisan 

      As you requested, we now have the option to invite friends from email and social networks. Since it is very new functionality it is on trial, which means no more than 10 invites at the time.

      Let's see what happens. Report any bugs, we use openinviter for this so it should work fine, as long as they are doing their job well Laughing !



    • allsortshop warehouse ltd
      By allsortshop warehouse ltd

      allsortshopwarehouse limited wishing centillien well and may God almighty expand the coast of ur influence,job well done.