San Diego Summer Tennis Flex Leagues - Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles

    eTennis League
    By eTennis League

    Our singles, doubles and mixed doubles leagues are perfect for busy lifestyles and for tennis players who just can't get enough tennis. 


    Season lasts two months followed by two weeks of exciting playoff action. Five points (five sets) gets you qualified for the playoff. Win your division and get cash prize equals to number of signed up players in your division times $8. If 20 players signs up you'll win $160 cash prize plus trophy. No league out there gives more.


    We've made league play simple and easy so you can spend more time on the court, skip the hassles and live your tennis life to the fullest.


    We are using this opportunity to announce IPhone and Android App's to be released by the end of June 2013. has been featured on ABC, FOX, CNBC, CHRON and RightStartups.