How a local dealer uses mobile marketing to sell cars

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    By Mobile Traffic 2.0

    imageThis is how a local car dealer uses mobile marketing to increase his sales with out increasing his workload.

    1. He asks potential customers to text the vehicle VIN number along with their first name and email address to a short code phone number
    2. In the reply text they are given a video link to watch
    3. After viewing the video they are then asked if they would like to take that particular vehicle for a test drive

    By responding with a yes the dealer is then sent the contact information and is asked to contact the customer to arrange the test drive, up until now, its been very hard for businesses to identify which form of advertising is responsible for bringing in new customers.

    Thanks to mobile marketing this is now being answered, we offer a 14 day free trial and happy to sit down and go through a mobile marketing campaign for your business like we have with this local car dealer.

    Mobile Traffic 2.0

    Mobile Traffic 2.0

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