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    So I’m now completed my Epic Series “What do we do?” and have been fielding calls from HBO all week. I got DeNiro, Pesci, Springsteen, and all sorts of good folks from New Jersey wanting in on our story. It’s been quite a ride, but I am not in this for the fame. Sorry Hollywood.

    I’m all about sharing our stories and letting you decide weather or not what we do is cool, good, O.K., or not even that. And in my anti sales recess I realized an amazingly obvious point; that we love to look for things. We hunt,we chase, & speculate, gather, collect, and bounce back and forth what we should do. But NO ONE wants to be told what they should think about what they are looking for; OR do they?? We rely on word of mouth from friends, relatives, colleagues, and seemingly respectable entertainers and TV personalities.

    We make choices based on education, emotion and our ability to be able to handle our decision. Be it mentally, emotionally, or financially. It is about finding the confidence and comfort in your thoughts that make you decide to make the decision to act & purchase. Yes, you decide to decide (that’s why you shop). There are numerous marketing books that claim to have answers for Human thought processes, buying behavior, and the psychology that goes into everything, however neither none or all may be correct for each and every product or service. I sold siding for a major US retailer S***S, and it was my task to scare people into thinking their house was going to fall in on them abruptly if they didn’t use our very expensive (but very well made) siding. Aside from not scaring anyone, I was successful in that I was honest and let the customer decide what was best for them. Although the quality was top notch & backed by a lifetime guarantee, but some folks just simply couldn’t afford it. If they could-great; if not, I always gave them another contractor who was more affordable, and what did that get me? Referrals. The best thing for any business.

    So we search… It could be going to the Mall, the Supermarket, somewhere you didn’t expect to be, or of course On-Line. And as I am, you are asking “What does this has to do with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?” Well it has a lot in and of the fact that we are in a world where not all is as it seems, Reggie’s Roast Coffee chooses to educate as we sell; we leave the choice up to your palate and let you decide if we are good or not. We know our coffee is wonderful; What do you think? As in the above story, I love to see in the “How did you hear about us?” on our orders when they say a friend or mention another long time customer’s name.

    I can sit here and smash “Absolutely the Best Coffee in the World” in your face until you don’t like me anymore but that doesn’t let me know weather or not you actually tasted our coffee and made the decision for yourself. If you don’t find our coffee worth your while then we are only roasting for the three people that work here.

    -Have you ever had Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?

    -What did you think?

    -Overpriced?, Great Taste?, Best Coffee Ever!, Worst Coffee Ever?

    -Have you tried our JBM Blends? Our Single Origins?

    -Is there a particular roast profile you prefer? Let us know and we will make it happen!

    Your thoughts – customerservice@reggiesroast.com   Phone: (908)862-3700


    Reggies Roast Coffee

    Reggies Roast Coffee

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