Basic Difference between Asp.Net MVC or Asp.Net Web Forms

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    Microsoft as a development platform for creating dynamic websites, applications and software with top security and unique inter-portability which allows for multiple languages, coding can be done also provide ability to use object-oriented design and several other options. There are two way to develop dynamic web application web forms and Model view controller (MVC).

    MVC frameworks mainly divide into three phase model, view, and controller which make applications easy to manage and better control. MVC 2.0 completely free web framework which provide supreme control over URL and HTML page. Classical design pattern of Model-View-Controller provide and maintain multiple views of the same data.

    Asp.Net web forms comes with drag and drop model binding facility to develop dynamic application or website, there are four types of model binding like strong typed data controls, HTML Encoded data binding, Model binding with Web controls and unobtrusive validation. Model binding helps you to avoid nasty codes which are required before.

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    App Developers India IT Services

    App Developers India IT Services

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