Exciting Kerala Tour Packages Available Discount Rate Upto 30% Discount

    Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd

    India Kerala Tours Packages is the New Delhi based Kerala Tour agency. Company deals in providing the numerous travel packages of south Indian state. On regular basis company comes with innovative ideas to offer the exciting Kerala Tour Packages for discerning travellers. Recently firm has launched upto 30% discount on various tour itineraries in endeavour to make the holidays to this south Indian land reasonable for the guests.
    Though company is proffering the tour services in discount rate of 30% but rest assured no compromises with the facilities will occur. Rather Kerala Tours Packages is constantly focusing on bring more packages at cost effective rates under the one umbrella. The honorable director of the company Mr. Subrato Mukherjee thinks this step would make tour itineraries more affordable to the travellers and would contribute in progress of Kerala Tourism. He says “The natural beauty of Kerala is beyond description, I would like to provide the opportunity of touring Kerala to the people who travel to India. It’s a must see destination; nature lover would never disappointed by Kerala’s natural beauty. We are working to make tour packages of Kerala within reach every travel enthusiast”.
    Putting sincere effort to keep the promises this a three year old firm has launched new packages to the existing list along with ‘bonus point’ of 30% discount. Some of the newly launched packages include:
    Kerala Honeymoon Tour
    Kerala Kanyakumari Tour
    Kerala Coconut Holiday
    Kerala Eco Tourism
    Kerala Heritage Tour Packages
    Kerala Magic
    Kerala Tour to Queen of Arabian Sea
    Kerala with Nilgiri Holiday
    Company is hopeful about the wide acceptance of new travel itineraries among travelers. And why not? The low priced tour packages would provide opportunity of witnessing majestic panorama of Kerala.
    India Kerala Tours Packages is an associate firm of ‘Go Heritage India Journeys’. This company handles all the travel related queries on the behalf of parent company ‘Go Heritage’, a well known travel agency in New Delhi that caters the all India inbound travel queries.

    Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd

    Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd

    Go Heritage India Journeys is an e-travel services company.
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    Go Heritage India Journeys is a Blooming Travel Agencies. We at the company aim to achieve high standards of customer satisfaction by providing quality services with value for money approach.


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