Visit COSMO a child friendly restaurant and make your day memorable


    What is a child-friendly restaurant? If you are struggling very hard and run here or there for a child-friendly eating-house, then come to “COSMO”. Yes..! COSMO is one reputed and luxurious eating-place that make your kids happy and busy so that their parents can enjoy their meal. They organize different promotional items and games for children.


    Nowadays, various "child friendly" restaurants are available, but COSMO is the one that offers great and fresh food and make your special day lovely and wonderful. Choosing the best gift will show your unconditional love just like that selecting our place make your day memorable.


    With the involution of diverse eating-house across the globe today, people prefer our child friendly restaurants Bristol nowadays. You can taste different dishes and cuisine at our place within your budget. We are come-up with innovative ways to attract millions of people, specially the foodies. Yes..! if you love to explore the culture or beauty of our breath-taking place and visit our incredible and reasonable eating-house.


    Should you EAT? Well..! The short and simple answer is "Yes". Just like other thing food is also important. People earn to enjoy their life in an amazing way. So, if you are working very hard and want to enjoy your life, then stop thinking to much and visit our child friendly restaurants Edinburgh. Yes..! Many working people prefer to visit our affordable food-place to enjoy some quality time with their “family”. Our hygiene place is not only incredible, but also has a homely and cozy atmosphere. So, come eat our special cuisine and make your dinner special and wonderful.


    The experienced chefs and cooks of our restaurants near Westfield Derby use different cooking technique for the preparation of various cuisines in order to create a “magic”. We also use pure or natural color with different ingredients thus you don't have to worry about the quality, taste and freshness of dishes. Our experienced chefs are always anticipating for some new authentic recipes from the well-known nine Asian countries. Apart from that, we also included extra 120 dishes in our menu so that our special customers can taste each and every thing in just one place.


    Cosmo Group, 51-53 Wood Street

    Barnet, Hertfordshire EN5 4BS


    0208 370 6200

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