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    By Centillien

    Wow, was I naive when we started Centillien (In june one year ago). I thought most (business) people on this earth where honest, hard working people. Making a living for themselves and others. 

    And that still might be true, and those who are, are always very welcome because that is why we built Centillien in the first place. To provide a platform for companies around the world to meet each other and try to cooperate. But one thing is for sure. A social network is attracting a lot of bad people which makes it a day job to fight hackers, spammers, fakers, scammers etc...

    One business category is completely corrupted with people trying to exploit others and poisson the internet and those are the "work from home" or "affiliated programs" guys and girls. But they are definitely not alone.

    So let us work together and keep our visitors happy and help us fight any bad business who is trying to mislead people.

    So the fight is still on, and we can use some help. We check every profile and most of the published content. But since we have so many members and so many languages, sometimes one slips through.

    Use the report this on any page on Centillien if you think it is inappropriate or trying to mislead people. Those members will be immediately removed and marked as spammers on internet blacklists.

    To give you an idea about the volume. 70% of the new registration never gets it into Centillien. 30% of those who do get passed the first review needs to be removed within 24 hours after registration. Another 10% will be removed later on, since they disguise themselves for a while.

    Let there be no mistake. Even if we have to remove 99% of all new registrants. we will do that. So please do not register at all, it will save us both some time. There are lots of other sites where you can put your bullshit on without question and they are even happy with another knot on their belt. 

    Funny thing is that sometimes people register over and over again, we have one guy that is now trying for 9 months in a row to slip in. Some fake NIKE boots sales guy.  

    Centillien is a serious business network and will stay that way. We want honest business man and women to be able to do business on normal and legal terms. Based on trust.

    Thanks for your help !



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    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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    • Centillien
      By Centillien

      I am glad you like it Laughing