General Skilled Migration Program To Australia – II

    Vinod Kunwar
    By Vinod Kunwar

    General Skilled Migration Program To Australia has undergone a sea change with incorporation of SkillSelect in July 2012. The old gigantic and slow moving system has been replaced by an effective and an efficient system i.e. SkillSelect and the classes and clauses have been amalgamated into a much leaner system that has helped Aussie authorities to establish a credible and fast responding system. Skills immigration has always been a top priority scheme and policy for this southern hemisphere country as the expanding components and stakeholder sectors of the Aussie economy have an insatiable appetite for the sufficiently trained people and workers at various levels of expertise and organizational environments.

    Over the years the functional aspect of Australia General Skilled Migration has proven to be boon in disguise for various sectors and independent migrants roam the markets and float an independent and present adjustable source of skills in the domestic labor pool. There have been several advantages linked with the general skills immigration as the employment giving concerns do not have allocate special resources for recruiting overseas workers. The direct recruitment drives run by the provincial governments and employment giving concerns needs a huge investment of finance and efforts and this tends to have a limited reach as most of the times it becomes difficult to sort the out the best of best people who would actually fit in the scenario  easily
    Moreover besides expending financial resources to hire overseas expertise directly also requires employers to fulfill the parameters like taking care of well being of the employees entering the country on work permits issued on the on basis of the direct job offers of the employers. The employers have to ensure that such employees are covered under social security scheme at their cost and responsibilities and they can also be held liable for the behavior of such direct entrants.

    These factors along with some other aspects always prove to be discouraging for most of the employment giving concerns and they like to opt for people who have gained entry on basis of the initiatives run and managed by federal and provincial authorities. This ensures 2 thing’s for sure one that they have to complete the lengthy and complex formalities linked with sponsoring an employee from foreign counties directly and they do not need to take of safety and well being of the foreign work force. Hiring and firing people is as simple as hiring and firing local workers.

    In the general context Australia General Skilled Migration also tends bring in advantages for the migrants who are entering the shores of the country. Their entry permits do not rely on the job contracts and they are free to seek employment as per their convenience and liking.
    Moreover if they are entering under federal initiative they have an unrestricted freedom to reside and work anywhere in the country and if they have entered on basis of provincial nomination they can enjoy the privileges of residing anywhere and working anywhere in the country after completion of stipulated 2 years period of compulsory residence in territory of nominating province.
    Under the current scheme of things the whole broad perspective of GSM has been bought within the purview of SkillSelect and migration enthusiasts can access various routes of GSM through a single EOI.

    While lodging your EOI on SkillSelect platform for General Skilled Migration Program To Australia you can access various subclasses through your digital profile i.e.
    •    Subsection 189 for independent federal permanent
    •    Subsection 190 for provincial nomination permanent
    •    Subsection 489 for provincial nomination in temporary scheme.