Information on Child Eye Care

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    Information on Child Eye Care

    Vision is a gift to be cherished.
    Maintaining good vision & taking care of eyes is a relatively simple task.
    In a National School Vision Survey done, covering 2 lakh students, it was astonishing to note that the percentage of students who were found to have vision problems, but were unaware of it was 35%.The aim of this is to learn the art of taking care of your child's eyes & ensuring perfect sight for the greater part of their life.
    How will I know my child has some vision problem or spectacle number?
    If your answer is "YES", to three or more of the following questions, your child needs a complete eye check up.
    Does you child:-
    1. Hold objects very close to his/her eyes.
    2. Complains of headache after reading or watching TV.
    3. Complains of blurred vision with schoolwork or reading.
    4. Have difficulty comprehending he/ she has read.
    5. excessively rubs his/her eyes blinks or squints after close work
    6. Becomes tired after reading
    7. Has difficulty copying from textbook or blackboard?
    8. Has an eye that turns in or out
    9. Has red or watery eyes off & on (which could be sign of allergies)
    10. Goes very near to TV while watching programmes


    What are the common eye problems in childhood ?

    1. Spectacle Number:-about 20% of children will have some spectacle number.
    2. Squint or crossing of the eyes.
    3. Amblyopia or lazy eye.
    4. Congenital Cataract or Glaucoma
    5. Retinopathy OF Prematurity in premature babies.

    When should my child undergo first eye care check up ?

    We recommend that a child should receive a complete eye check up at the age of 5 years or early if any problem is noticed. While in school yearly check up is recommended.

    What are good tips for eye care in children ?

    1. Children should cultivate good habits while studying i.e. should have a good posture & read in adequate light.
    2. Children should watch T.V. at a distance of at least 6ft or more. Excessive T.V. watching or playing games on computer will lead to eyestrain. (but will not spoil eye sight or increase the glass number. this is a myth.)
    3. A good sleep of at least 8 hours is a must for every child.
    4. Children should take a well balanced diet, rich in natural vitamin A like carrot, spinach, papaya, Milk etc.
    5. To avoid eyestrain small frequent breaks after an hour of studying are necessary.
    6. Keep the child away from pointed objects, chemicals, cosmetics, medicines etc.
    7. Children should not rub/ touch their eyes often as this could introduce infection
    8. No eye drops should be instilled in eyes without consulting the eye specialist.

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