Newport RI Summer Rentals for Groups

    By oceanstaterentals

    Choose among the wide array of Newport RI summer rentals for your vacation. These accommodations will surely fit your budget, so you can have more money for food and souvenir items. Most of the summer rentals in Newport, Rhode Island feature basic amenities such as hot tubs, cable TV, refrigerators, and wi-fi. Nonetheless, others even include deluxe amenities that include heated indoor pools, spas, saunas, and massage parlors.

    You can choose a one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit depending on your needs. Actually, a two-bedroom unit is enough for a small group. So, you will be able to save more money; checking into individual hotel rooms, after all, is indeed more expensive. In addition, these summer rentals are nearby shopping centers, parks, and tourist spots. Hence, you will be able to visit the mansions and go to the shopping district whenever you want. Be sure to taste the fantastic seafood that Newport, Rhode Islands boasts of. 



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