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    Who are we:  Communications

    Skycom specializes in providing the most flexible and high quality personnel in outsourcing solutions, with an emphasis on inbound, technical support and customer service.

    Skycom provides a platform, through which a company’s customers are unable to distinguish between a customer service center answered in the US and SKYCOM'S CALL CENTER answered in El Salvador, allowing our clients to receive the best quality service while at the same time providing immeasurable savings.
    We provide our clients with the highest quality workforce, quick start-up time of campaigns, full customization, IP cameras and direct communication with team leaders, account and floor managers. All the benefits of owning your own call center, without the hassles and extensive overheads!

    Unlimited opportunities        

    Our US headquarters is located in Miami, Florida and the main work force is in El Salvador, Central America. El Salvador has proven to be the most sensible alternative for US companies looking to outsource their call center needs given the availability of high quality personnel. At Skycom, we are very meticulous about hiring our Employees.

    Every agent we hire has at least 4 years of experience in the call center industry and is 100% fluent in English with little or no accent. Our personnel’s skills allow for a quick start-up time of any campaign.

       A Few Words About

    We are the perfect size center for your business. We adapt to our clients needs. SkyCom looks forward to add value to your companies.

    With a large call center all the clients have to adapt to the center rules and restrictions. Wait on the center's time frames that usually go in advance for over 2 months.

    On the other side a small call center does not have the economical stability to support a medium or large campaign start up. Due to this factors is impossible for the center to provide the quality that the clients are looking for.

    We know every client is important and you deserve our full and complete attention when you take the time to look for a call center service to improve or expand your business.


    A medium size center as SKYCOM looks forward to adapt to our clients needs. We customize the stations to satisfy our clients requirements. Since the first contact, Our marketing director provides a personalized assistance and guidence to each potential client. ¨To make your business more profitable¨

    Skycom was registered as Skycom El Salvador SA de CV in 2007 its operations were focused on U.S. companies. The advantage of its technological approach which allowed his first SELECS customer segment (companies that sell electricity and telephone people with help from the government of the United States of America)

    We have the best and the newest in technology. Being security and privacy the most important parameters in our company, as there is a lot of vital information regarding our clients companies.

    At Skycom Call Center, we offer offshore Back Office Outsourcing services and Business Process Outsourcing services, which guarantee reduction in costs, maintaining quality, alleviating risks and securing benefits through a structured approach.

    Business Process Outsourcing works when an organization and the service provider are able to complement their strengths to establish a strong relationship focused on value addition. We are the one-stop-shop from all business owners who wish to outsource call center services.

    We provide the flexibility and proactive support necessary to establish this relationship. With our operational practices strictly guided by quality processes and geared exclusively towards client needs, we are able to effectively map our client’s business operations and offers in the following fields:


    - Guarantee zero down during any campaing.
    - US Central Time
    - A Near-shore and highly accessible location.

    - Continuous communication and reporting channels.

    - Call monitoring to preserve overall quality and service.
    - Spanish, English and bilingual services.


    - A state-of-the-art telecom and call center infrastructure.
    - Qualify labor with only a 100% English Level


    Customer Service / Technical Support / Sales / Collections / Retention / Billing / Forms and Data Capture / Email-Chat / Transcriptions / Translations / Close Captioning / Marketing / Orders / Ticketing / Package Tracking / Appointments / Claims / Between others.
    USA Corporate Office: 1-888-221-7808

    Marketing Director:
    USA Cellphone: 786-565-6702
    El Salvador CellPhone: (503) 746-85166



    SkyCom Call Center
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    SkyCom is a Call Center company with high experience in Customer service, sales, collections, retention, technical support, between others. We look forward to add value to your company brand trough...