How internet can evolve

    By NetCare
    How internet can evolve

    Those who read my articles know I am not afraid to take some bold views on technology, politics and/or economics. Since the last articles were about the last two, it's time for some technological headview....

    A good way to predict the future is to look back and try to understand where it might lead to in the future. But there is a catch, inventions follow a different unpredictable path and therefore it will always keeps full of surprise. This noted, I still see a logical path.

    Internet started in the late 60's as a project called Arpanet funded by the US defense department to keep communication alive during a nuclear attack.  It was build by universities and after 2 years, only 10 computers where connected. Internet lived a very quiet life in the scientific world, combined with a shadow world of communities and (news)sites filled with useful and doubtful content. In 1986 CERN (Tim Berners Lee) made a giant step forward by inventing the HTTP protocol, which created the world wide web (www) on internet.

    Most people today think that the world wide web is the internet. That is not true, allthough it is actually a big part of the total traffic.

    As it grew we needed google (1998) to find what we were looking for, and again after a while we needed social networks to talk and share to those we want to in our lives.

    Media and bandwidth growth made it possible to communicate in (moving) pictures. Mobile technology made it possible to be connected anywhere at anytime, so the tasks seems almost done.

    Not quite, security and privacy are a bitch and it is still an ocean of unverifiable information and mostly chaotic bunch of websites. Basically we are still in the wild west phase of the evolution of internet, where hardly any rules apply. 

    That was quite an introduction. What would be needed to (self) organize the internet ?

    I have made up a list of some basic rules and technologies that would create some order in the chaos for the internet users:

    1) Everyone should be identifiable. That identity should be used to connect to internet and login to any website. Therefore avoiding hackers and spammers, misbehaviour and misrepresentation. A trusted global internet directory which only hold a basic verified ID and a password.

    2) Social networks should manage the roles you have in live. A professional, a business, a personal and maybe some others. They will be the backbone of communication and interaction

    3) Applications should be provided to these networks by all other websites and services. Not as it currently is with apps on pc's and mobiles. That is absolutely the wrong way since it creates vendor lock-in. We should use internet core technology to connect. Open, device independant and user friendly. Apps are a dead end street, kept alive by commercial organisations who force users to invest in their products !

    4) Verifiable information. Google and other search engines do a good job in finding what you are looking for, they absolutely fail in providing correct information. They are focussed on what you like, not what actually is true ! And let's be honest, information is all about what is true and not what you want to be the truth. I wrote a specific article on how to acheive that.

    5) We really need a different user interface in time. The ultimate goal is a direct link into our brain so we have direct access to information, but that will definitely will take some time. Intermediate solution should be at least more visual oriented and use more of our natural way of interaction like hands, eye movement and speech.

    I realise that I am breaking rule 5 by writing a story to you, but I added a picture which unfortunately does no reflect the story well. But stories are good, people are story tellers. But writing it is wrong, telling it would have been much better and showing it even more. Lack of technology and time forced me to write it to you or not tell it al all. But since I am programmer, I definitely will work on getting this fixed for you in due time 



    I hope you still enjoyed my t





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    NetCare is een ervaren ICT organisatie, die praktische en uitvoerbare oplossingen levert op de gebieden detachering, software ontwikkeling en ons sociaal intranet applicatie MyVox om zo toegevoegde...