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    Hong Kong's the largest distinguished landmark, Victoria Peak, has over 3 million visitors a year, equal to almost half the inhabitants of Hong Kong. During the first six years of Hong Kong's history, hardly anyone traveled to those uncongenial heights. It wasn't until 1888, once the peak Tramway was opened, that the realm atop the Hill became the peak, one of the most sought-after places to determine in Hong Kong. Before the tram, sedan chairs transported lucky colonials to the highest. Such coolie-powered transportation died in the past, however palanquins are still used during contributions races once a year.Hongkong Package tour

    The unfeasibly steep peak Tram, which takes local residents up and down the hillside, is more than just a traveler attraction. The tram runs from 7am to midnight, and hasn't had single accident since it began operational in 1888. It still only has 2 cars, every carrying seventy two passengers and one driver, and is pulled up and lowered by 5,000 feet of steel cables wound on drums.

    For nature lovers, the peak is that the best place for a walk. On a transparent day, you'll wander through forests of bamboo and germ, stunted, Chinese pines, hibiscus and vines of marvelous and writhing beauty. The most effective way to see the peak is by walking around Laggard Road, which begins simply opposite the peak Tram's higher terminus at one, 300 feet higher than sea level.Since most of my destinations are in the Hong Kong Island, I probability should stay in a place in the vicinity. I choose to stay in a Hong Kong rather than in a hotel since i will be staying for a long time and staying in a hotel would be very expensive. So staying in my own Hong Kong would be ideal. I just hope I can find a nice one with a read of the Victoria Harbor.

    Lastly, I’m going shopping! I have read a lot of travel articles that Hong Kong Trip has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. They provide lots of reasonable garments, shoes and souvenirs good for the shopper in Maine that features a tight budget. I actually have lots of looking districts in mind however the Stanley market stands out. It’s filled with stores and if ever you get tired from looking, you'll forever take a fast dip within the Stanley beach. How nice is that? You Want to Hong kong trip Through Joy Travels Hongkong Package Tour



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