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    In January 2012, the Just Been Paid program launched an automated PIF feature where new members would be able to register and access a risk free $10.00 USD loan in order to give this indefinitely sustainable income opportunity a try first hand. For more details regarding the new Pay-It-Forward system CLICK HERE.


    With over 2 million members worldwide the Just Been Paid program is breaking new ground internationally.



    JustBeenPaid! has profound implications for online moneymakers. With JBP, any individual, group, or organization has the potential to improve their finances dramatically.




    People are joining JBP in droves. The Alexa traffic chart view here: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/www.justbeenpaid.com  provides an indication of JBP's popularity. The latest chart indicates that JBP is placed at 223 among the top 300 websites worldwide,  in terms of visitor accesses.

    You can sign up for JBP for free: JustBeenPaid! Team Daly Enterprises Ltd


    • JBP is not MLM. JBP essentially utilizes the "Direct Retail Sales" Business Model. When members upgrade, they pay $20 (or $10, while our "special half-price upgrade" is available) to JBP Admin, who daily pays out $15 (or $5 for the "special half-price upgrade") to their Sponsors.
    • Because the Sponsor payments are made daily, there's little waiting for the company to pay you. Practically no risk of the company not paying you.
    • Great risk/reward ratio -- you risk $10 (or $10) with the potential for unlimited earnings.
    • No sponsoring requirements -- you can buy your downline.
    • The $15 payments are renewable every 3 months. This provides you with residual income.
    • JBP also utilizes a "modified 1-up system." Members on your first level pass their third sale up to you. These passed-up members in turn each passes their third sale up to you. This progression can continue indefinitely, eventually exploding your earnings.
    • JBP has a "High-Performance Bonus." Suppose someone in your downline promotes JBP actively and extensively. He or she passes every tenth sale up to you. This can further explode your earnings in the long run.

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