Find Tennis Players on Your Level & Schedule with Startup eTennisLeague

    eTennis League
    By eTennis League

    Users start by joining and creating a profile in which you state your level of play, and then you designate a home court in your area. From there you schedule when you are available to play and other users “reserve” the date to play a match with you.

    After play you enter the match scoring details and can include a player notes area that best describes your opinion of the other player and you rate their level of sportsmanship. The partner for the match does the same in regards to your level of sportsmanship. This way other future players that read the profile of someone else have a better idea of the kind of player they are, all information ties back to the player’s profile.

    One of the better features of is that the next time you play another player who has player notes, the system will not only remind you of the upcoming match, but it will intuitively tell you what tactics to use to beat the other player as a reminder.

    The idea of rating sportsmanship is that eTennis League will then watch what players scores are and manage the league to ensure fair play. The program not only collects 1.jpgyour stats, but it offers you the opportunity to check other player’s stats. A player can also look at league stats to see where they are in the rankings.

    You can also set up matches with friends outside the league on the eTennis League platform. You enter the scores in those patches as well. And when the season in your area ends you can still access all the statistical information on other players and are free to contact them to play again in the off season.

    The seasons even have championship rounds at the end of each season where players compete for the title of “City Champ.” In order to qualify for the end of league championship competition a player must simply have earned one point on the system.

    The system handles “No Shows” when one opponent does not come as scheduled as a forfeit and the player that did show then receives two points. The same holds true in regards to scoring if the other player forfeits on the court.

    Player champions can win gift cards for the tennis store, they can win t-shirts, trophies, and other gifts and prizes. If players play for three seasons they can then register for a sweepstakes for two.

    When it comes to distributing prizes the eTennis League platform makes use of a dynamic distribution of all prizes and monies won. How much a player wins is dependent upon how many players are in their league of play. The maximum prize amount for any division is $600 regardless of the level, so that is good for players at beginning levels giving them the chance to also get in on the prize monies, instead of just high level players.