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    Losing It, a weight loss book, provides over a 100 ways to lose weight, co-authored by the founders of Fitho, Prachi Gupta and Dhruv Gupta and published by Pan Macmillan India, this book has been launched to mark the beginning of New Year, to help people get healthier and fitter.

    Dhruv Gupta, co-founder of Fitho Wellness on this occasion further explains the essence of the book, and says, “There is a lot of information floating around about weight loss. It’s hard for people to know what is effective and healthy. This book presents to you, the most important guidelines, tips and advice to follow when you want to lose weight, along with clarifying concepts, myths and more. For example, a lot of people think that mango makes you gain weight or that to lose weight you need to avoid carbs at night. But that’s not exactly the case. This book helps clarify many such ideas.

    Prachi Gupta, co-founder of Fitho Wellness adds to this stating, “Losing It, is here to address points that most of us never think about, but which play an important role in our lives, like how our social structure helps us lose weight, or doesn’t. At Fitho we work with individuals to help overcome barriers and limitation making living healthy a part of everyday life. It’s easy to lose weight and maintain it when it’s simple. This book is therefore all about making weight loss simple.

    “Losing it” answers almost all frequently asked questions about being healthy and didn’t know whom to ask. This book is a collection of short and simply written information about staying healthy, since it’s difficult for most people to benefit the same way from a general sample diet plan. The authors of this book has gone one step further, and provided a voucher included in each book, so that each reader can get a Fitho diet plan that's customized to their lifestyle and food preferences.

    The book is available across all leading stores and on Flipkart.

    About The Authors -

    Dhruv Gupta:

    Dhruv Gupta is the founder of Fitho, a revolutionary weight loss system, Internet entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. He studied engineering at the University of Michigan. After consulting to Fortune 100 companies in the US, he moved back to India, to start Fitho and help people be healthier. He has been featured on CNBC, Men’s Health, Business Today and others. Dhruv has also written fitness columns for Hindustan Times, Mint-Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated.

    Prachi Gupta:

    Prachi Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of Fitho. She has been a national level basketball player, and is a new mother. She enjoys being busy between work, her infant daughter, and keeping fit. Her work at Fitho has been covered by NDTV, India Today, Hindustan Times, Femina & Cosmopolitan.

    Online Weight Loss Diet-Wellness Services-Fitho.in

    Online Weight Loss Diet-Wellness Services-Fitho.in

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    www.fitho.in is India’s favorite website for online weight loss diet plan, where one can get a healthy weight loss diet plan for himself / herself, which is customized to the person’s age, gender,...