Social media now becoming arms of agencies and internet marketing

    By Evomantra

    Social Media marketing and internet marketing is now growing leaps and bounds! It is there everywhere, in every industry today! Thus, one can aptly say that social media is the life of marketing for most companies today. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc., companies are there on every sphere. Depending on the type of target market and strategy, it depends on which platform the company makes it mark. Many hotels and tourism companies love been on Facebook and Pinterest because of the visuals offered by these platforms. Many companies who target youngsters love been on Twitter so as to increase customer interaction and get more fans and followers engaged on your social profile!

    • The services offered by social media are immense. In fact, traditional marketing like television  is now becoming a passé. The lines between all the media is fast blurring and there is a continuous evolution of all the services offered. Thus, all the agencies need to be on their toes and evolve with the changing times.
    • Most of the social media agencies these days, have a dedicated team for each company. For eg - A company ABC is the latest client, then a dedicated social media person will be attached to the company. This way there is a high level of interaction between the company and the agency and target market and strategies can be openly discussed. It is very important to know the exact vision of the company so as to have a great social media marketing strategy.
    • Most of the agencies, back in the age, used to have strategies and focus on driving customers via PR efforts, promotional activities, traditional marketing etc. Now, they have to tie their PR efforts and promotional efforts to social media efforts - Twitter parties, Facebook page, micro blogging etc. Tie in with social media is important because it is immediate, far reaching and in real time. The best part - less investment and more returns - which means greater ROI!

    Thus, it is safe to say that it is the day and age of internet marketing and social media!



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