Top 10 Drupal Modules for e-commerce

    By Drupalindia
    E-commerce is all about getting a hold on the market in a better and faster way. On the same hand, Drupal is all about providing you the platform to create an effective e-commerce website. Drupal CMS offers you various modules and extensions that support in building up a powerful e-commerce store. The top ten e-commerce modules powered by Drupal are listed below: 
    1. Ubercart
    Ubercart is one of the most flexible and user-friendly Drupal extensions for e-commerce development. Its cannot-afford-to-miss-features include:
    • Automatic account generation
    • Flexible product creation
    • Single page checkout
    • Easy shipping solutions
    • Integrated payment system
    • Altering can be done without making much of the changes in the source code 
    You can download Ubercart from:
    2.Currency Exchange 
    The Currency Exchange module posts the currency exchange rates on the site. This is one of the most helpful modules when one is catering to the needs of the global financial market. The trading details are fetched by Yahoo! Further, the module is highly flexible, so the complete look and feel can be customized as per different websites or needs. 
    You can download Currency Exchange from:
    3. AdSense
    AdSense, as the name says most of it, the module helps in displaying ads on Google. It works in coordination with the Google Adsense. The module sends ads to Google and once approved, posts them on the respective search engine. Further, any change in the Google script can be handled by simply upgrading the module.
    You can download Adsense from:
    4. Pay
    Pay is a Drupal module aimed to offer a secured payment processing system. The module provides a payment form that is used for making the transaction. The payment back ends supported by the module are mentioned below: 
    • Authorize.Net
    • Payflow Pro
    • PayPal
    • Realex
    • SecurePay 
    • Stripe
    You can download Pay from:
    5. Drupal Commerce
    Drupal Commerce is the module that makes the e-commerce development task easy with simple coding. The key features that it offers include: 
    • Adjustable to almost every size website
    • Dynamic product displays
    • Discount pricing rules
    • Order management system
    • Tax calculation/ VAT support
    You can download Drupal Commerce from:
    6. Invoice
    Invoice is a Drupal extension that takes care of records maintenance. With the help of the Pathauto module it automatically generates the titles. Depending on the user specification, the invoice can be displayed in PDF or HTML format. Taking the user friendly feature from Drupal, the extension also gives a choice to select different templates as per different purpose or site. 
    You can download Invoice from:
    7. Affiliate Store
    This module helps in integrating an Earn HighWay affiliate store. With this respective module products can be picked up from different categories, a different product page can be created. Further, it supports different associate payment gateways. Customization of layout and themes is yet another feature that the Affiliate store module offers. 
    You can download Affiliate Store from:
    8. UC Upsell
    The UC Upsell module works with Ubercart and displays related products to the user. The basic task of this module is to display various products (the more likely of the same category) to be displayed together. Thus, when a user clicks on a particular product, the module automatically displays the related products. This is one of the most effective sales tactics. 
    You can download UC Upsell from:
    9. Amazon Store
    This extension of Drupal helps in getting associated with without any hassle. Thereafter, products can be sold directly through Amazon. Further, the extension implements Amazon Associates Web Service. All that is required to be done is create a personal Associate ID. Once the ID is created, then installation is not a tough deal to crack and the route is directed right to Amazon Associates Store. 
    You can download Amazon Store from:
    10. Wazala
    The Wazala module integrates a ‘store’ button into the site. This single button provides a complete web application for selling of goods and digital downloads. Further, there are many other unique features that this respective module offers, they are stated below:
    • Incorporates easy payment gateways (like PayPal,  and Google Checkout)  
    • Integrates inventory management system
    • Multilingual support (15 languages are supported)
    • Integrates coupon and discount management interface
    You can download Wazala from: 
    These were the essential ten e-commerce Drupal modules. These modules can actually give you an edge while you create an e-commerce platform. Though there are various other modules and extensions that Drupal offers as e-commerce solutions, the above mentioned are a simple to understand and use. At the same time, they are highly effective.


    Drupal India is an award winning online identity management firm specializing in all aspects of Drupal design, Drupal development and Drupal consulting.


      Drupal India is an award winning online identity management firm specializing in all aspects of Drupal design, Drupal development and Drupal consulting.