Social Media Plays A Vital Role In Digital Market

    By Evomantra

    Gone are the days when traditional marketing played a big role in the world of advertising - herald in the era of digital marketing and social media marketing. Whether it is tweeting on Twitter, updating a Facebook fan page, posting pictures on Pinterest or trying to find talent on LinkedIn - social media is in every sphere of life! Social Media has entered the realms of digital media in a big way. Digital marketing is a way of getting connected to the customers and potential clientele via many touch points which are digital - mobile marketing, tablet advertising, social media marketing etc.

    Whether the customers are trying to log on to Facebook via tablet in a subway or trying to tweet about your product during lunch break or may be post a review about your services during a week end, these days, customers have many technology and thus can access company`s website from anywhere via different channels (tablets, mobiles, computers, palmtops etc.) Thus, the sphere of digital media is very important and needed by most companies today!

    • Facebook fan page is probably one of the most sought after social media for customers. Thus, if you are a company that has many of its fan base and customer base that use Facebook, this is a great way to showcase you products and services and raise brand awareness.

    • Twitter is another great medium because it is like a micro blogging website and many customers of varying age are on Twitter, You can upload pictures, retweet good reviews and answer certain questions also.

    • LinkedIn is great social media platform to showcase your company as a great company to work with. This is a great digital platform to hunt for good talent and present future employees with some great opportunities.

    • Last but not the least, Pinterest is another great visual medium which encourages customers and fans to post pictures, pin your pictures etc. Companies can post all visuals like pictures, videos and type like and back link it to the website so as to generate traffic.



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