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    Quite frankly I am here only to promote my website It's been very hard work on it and I think this application deserves recognition.If you go through it, explore its features you would definitely be finding it worth all that time you dedicated to it.

    It all started about 6 months back from now when i was having some PHP classes.I casually started making dynamic web pages in PHP eventually turning them all into a website.Of course, on my way, I've also had a lot of real world practical experience in developing website.

    The website is developed for allowing communication between individuals so that they can socialize. Website offers rich and new features that bring itself potential of standing out among the ones of similar kind.

    Most basic features

    Any person visiting the website can view the list of other registered users, but in this case one is just can see others basic profile information, nothing more.

    In order to start socializing one has to be registered by signing up and after that user obtains an unique id (that can be any email address or any other unique name) though user is allowed to choose preferred one.

    After logging in one is directed to his home page from where you can search, invite (add) other users. Emphasize is put on the fact that if you add a person you must have to choose the kind of relation with them. As you visit someone's profile and you hit Invite (similar in terms of functionality as that of other popular social networking site Facebook) button, you are given a list of kind of relation and these could be friend, colleague, family, acquaintance and no-prior acquaintance.

    As the receipt of invitation logs in he can see the number of invitations and from there he is allowed to accept or reject invitations. Each user's home page maintains list of different-different kind of relations.

    Among other features one is of organizing your picture collection. User is free to create as many picture collections as he wants with each bearing significantly large number of pictures. User has full control over his pictures allowing him to delete an individual picture or entire collection.

    Most importantly user can edit his profile and update basic information about them apart from getting to choose their profile picture. They can comment on pictures too.

    Signature features

    aaam....I would've told you about them if I hadn't completed 400 minimum words requirement...:D (Please don't get mad at me). Come over and discover them yourself.

    More you can know about this website when you are on its main page. See if you can come over and if you do please let me know what you think of it.

    Thank you a lot!!

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