Concrete Batching Plant’s Air Failure

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    This article, Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will talk about concrete batching plant’s air failure.

    Causes of concrete batching plant’s air failure are as follows:
    (1)    the air compressor faults are: check valve damage, piston ring is worn seriously, air inlet valve damage and air filter clogging.
    How to determine whether a concrete batching plant’s check valve is damaged? Only turn off the power after the air compressor automatic shutdown for ten seconds, and turn big belt pulley by hand. If belt pulley can be easily turned, then it indicates that the check valve is not damaged; If not, then a check valve is damaged; In addition, users can also carry out the judgement from the exhaust condition under the automatic pressure switch. In general, after the air compressor automatic shutdown for ten seconds, the air vent will stop exhausting. If air vent is exhausting until the compressor starts again, then the check valve is damaged, users must be replace the check valve.

    (2)    pressure reducing valve failures are: pressure is not high or pressure rises slowly.
    The reasons why pressure is not high are because of the pressure adjusting spring fracture or rupture of the diaphragm, users must renew these components; While pressure rises slowly generally because of filter screen is blocked, so remove the filter screen and clean up it.

    (3)    pipeline failures are: pipe leakage, hoses fracture, condensate accumulation.
    Pipe leakage and hoses fracture can be judged from sound to determine the leaking position, and then repair or replace them timely. If the pipeline is accumulated with condensed water, customers should drain the condensed water timely, especially in winter, condensing water is easy frozen to block the air circuit.

    (4)    compressed air handling unit faults are: oil water separator, pressure regulating valve and oil mist device faults.
    During working, workers should always clean the filter and remove dirt and impurities in the sewage draining device. When the oil mist does not drip oil, workers should check whether the gas flow is lower than the fog flow and whether inlet is leaking gas and oil quantity regulating valve is blocked; if the grease cup bottom haswater, should remove the water timely; when the sealing ring is damaged, then replace it timely.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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