Concrete Batching Plant's Dust Collector and Powder Conveying

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    In this article, Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will tell you some knowledges about concrete batching plant’s dust collector and powder conveying system.

    In general, concrete batching plant’s workflow is: aggregate is unloaded into aggregate hopper by batching plant’s aggregate storage bin through unloading door. After aggregate is metered by aggregate hopper, then aggregate is transited to the hopper which is above concrete mixer. The cement and fly ash is conveyed by screw conveyor to the respective hopper for measurement. After the completion of material metering, then material is thrown to the concrete mixer and concrete mixer begins to mix.  After mixing, concrete is unloaded to the truck from the concrete batching plant via the discharging hopper.

    Material supplying system of concrete batching plant is mainly includes aggregate’s delivery and powder’s delivery.

    Aggregate’s delivery often uses belt conveyor or elevator bucket.

    Cement and admixture’s conveying often adopts screw conveyor.

    Screw conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery and granular materials whose density is 0.5t/m3~2.5t/m3 and conveying piece goods.

    Dust collector of concrete batching plant – box type, bag type and forced type dust collector.

    Box type dust collector--low manufacture and maintenance cost, common dust removing effect

    Bag type dust collector—more manufacturing and maintenance costs than that of the box type dust collector and dust removing effect is better than that of the box type dust collector.

    Forced type dust collector -- high cost, the best dust removing effect; it is generally used with bag type dust collector.

    During using the dust collector and powder conveying system, users should pay more attention to the two parts of concrete batching plant’s maintenance.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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