Parts of Concrete Batching Plant's Cleaning

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    Yesterday, Pioneer Machinery Company-concrete mixer manufacturer in China discussed measurement system and mixing system of concrete batching plant’s maintenance. Today, Pioneer Machinery Company wants to talk about last two parts of concrete batching plant’s maintenance.

    In the following sentences, powder supplying system and gas circuit system of concrete batching plant’s maintenance will be described in detail.

    The first part of concrete batching plant maintenance-powder supplying system maintenance:
    1.     Users must vibrate the vibrator in dust collector of cement silo for many times, and clean up the ash on filter stick of dust setting pocket to ensure the gas running is smooth.
    2.     Costomers must take a thorough clean to the inner wall of the tube at feed inlet and screw conveyor at outlet everyweek, so as to prevent hard agglomerates and debris from blocking and discharging fault.
    3.     Users need to empty the cement in screw conveyor without using for a long time.
    4.     Users must add grease to ball bearings at the head of screw conveyor and middle supporting bearings every four hours. The first time to change grease for rear gearbox is 500 hours after using concrete batching plant, and the replace oil for rear gearbox once a year.

    The second part of concrete batching plant maintenance-gas circuit system maintenance:

    Gas circuit system maintenance can be divided into: air compressor maintenance, cylinder maintenance and the maintenance, the maintenance of electromagnetic valve, oil water separator and lubricator maintenance.  The contents are far too numerous to list individually. So please see details in "concrete batching plant’s maintenance manual".

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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