Cosmo: The ultimate destination for pan Asian dishes in UK

    Our taste buds are such that they seek for something different every few days. It is not always that we treat out taste buds with tasty dishes. Maybe that’s why they get bored with the usual food that we eat everyday. It is good to try different dishes, preferably of different cultures, because it gives us knowledge about their flavors and our taste buds get something different to try too.


    With an aim to serve the nation with fresh and tasty food of various countries at one place, Cosmo was launched. We serve food of nine countries including China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam and India. All the dishes are freshly prepared by our expert chefs.  The combination of spices, flavors and traditional cooking is what makes our dishes perfect and so tasty.


    We have branches all over UK. If you are searching for buffet restaurants eastbourne,  you can give us an opportunity to serve you. In many of our branches, we have live cooking stations where you can watch the chefs cooking the dishes, smell the aromatic scents of the food being cooked and the fresh ingredients that we always use in our cuisines.


    Our philosophy includes Five Cosmo Principles, which we follow all the time:

    1. Cook Fresh, Eat Fresh
    2. Maximise Our Menu
    3. Entertain as we cook
    4. Give value for money
    5. Make our customers feel valued


    These principles guide every aspect of what we do, helping us in keeping our customers happy and healthy. There are many Buffet restaurants Ilford, but the good quality cuisines that we make cannot be found anywhere else. We have deliberately kept our prices low, so that you don't have to compromise when its about food!


    So, for once, forget what you think about Pan Asian Cuisines and let our chefs treat you with their best dishes so that you can get indulged in the spices & flavor of some of their delicious creations. Do remember to leave some space for the desserts too, because once you see our freshly prepared, creamy gateaux and mousses, you wont be able to stop yourself from eating these mouth watering desserts.


    For details of our branches, please call us on 01224 588 555.

    You can also visit us on for our menu and other details.

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