Cosmo Restaurants – Asian cuisines revolutionising the taste and look of dining all across UK

    Food, one of the three basic necessities of life, is utmost important aspect without which we cannot survive. Eating is not limited to filling stomach but essential to lead a healthy life by providing essential nutrition for energy. Normally we eat bread, chapatti, salad, vegetables and pulses in our daily eating routine which are excellent source of required nutrition for body. However, it becomes extremely boring to eat same kind of food daily and hence, people, especially young children and kids end up in avoiding food. Thus, Cosmo Restaurants present you a chain of Asian restaurant to meet your specific cuisine and taste requirement. 

    Cosmo Restaurants believes in the blend of taste and health to make the food not only tempting but also healthy. We understand the fact that besides the nutrition factor, taste play prominent role in driving people’s appetite. Thus, we aim to provide delicious food which is freshly cooked to make you consume the best. We are Pan Asian Restaurant chain operating in entire UK so that you don’t refrain from the taste of your home soil. Our purpose of opening specific  Asian restaurants Bristol is to serve the best of traditional Asian cuisines and recipes not only to the tourists or natives of Asia but also to the residents of UK.   

    We bring you the popular taste and delicious cookeries made by the chefs of 9 countries including China, Japan, India and Thailand. They bring you the best flavours of traditional food of their specific countries to let you enjoy and experience a memorable dining. Cosmo Restaurants believes in strengthening relationships during feasting. Therefore, our family restaurants Aberdeen are designed and presented specifically to make you feel soothing and rejuvenated while eating. We let you spend quality time with your family.

    Cosmo Restaurants have also paid special attention to the enjoyment of kids by making child friendly restaurants in terms of outlook and presentation. Customer’s health is our priority, thus, we use only handpicked ingredients, spices and other cooking material for quality cooking. To add to your health and satisfaction, we focus strictly on cleanliness and hygiene factor in our restaurants. Our specialty lies in bringing the world on your plate with the variations in our food menu. We cook fresh, serve fresh so that you eat fresh. We are committed to provide value of money with the mouth-watering taste and appearance of your dining. To know more, visit us at

    LSU3 Union Square

    Guild Square AberdeenAB11 5RG

    Telephone 01224 588 555

    Fax: 01224 588 767


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