Parts of Concrete Batching Plant’s Maintenance

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    Yesterday, Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd-concrete mixer manufacturer in China discussed how to take concrete batching plant maintenance. Today, Pioneer Machinery Company wants to talk about two parts of concrete batching plant’s  maintenance.

    In the following sentences, measurement system and mixing system of concrete batching plant maintenance will be explained in detail.

    First part of concrete batching plant’s maintenance- measurement system maintenance:
    1.     Before working, users must check and adjust the connetions of the metering hopper, so as to keep loose on the length and ensure accuracy of measurement.
    2.     In winter, after shutting down, users should exhaust all the water in supplying system and give out additive supplying water storage.
    3.     Additive pump is deactivated seasonally, users must carry out backwashing to prevent additive sediment or no solvent in the pipelines and pumps.

    Second part of concrete batching plant maintenance-mixing system maintenance:
    1.     Before working, users must check whether the shaft end sealing cavity, exits and entrances of dispenser and sealing pipes are smooth and are filled with grease, whether all lubricating points and the gear box have adequacy of lubricating oil.
    2.     During working, users should observe whether oil is used up, which is in oil storage tank of electric lubricating pump. Timely refill the oil storage tank when oil is near to be used up. Do not allow running without oil.
    3.     After using concrete batching mixing plant, users must clear up the inside and outside of mixing drum and accumulated material at the discharging door, and wash concrete batch plant with water. For bonding material, users can cut off them periodically.
    4.     Every week, workers must adjust and fasten mixing blades to prevent blades shedding and prevent the accident from happening.
    Tomorrow, Pioneer Machinery Company will discuss another two parts of concrete batching plant’s  maintenance.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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