Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance

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    Users must pay attention to concrete batching plant maintenance. Because each part of the concrete batching plant being wrong will directly influence the overall operation of concrete batching mixing plant. In this article, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co.,Ltd-concrete batchiing plant in China will introduce each part of concrete batching plant maintenance in detail.

    Today, Pioneer introduce concrete batching plant maintenance and concrete batching plant’s aggregate supplying system maintenance.

    Concrete batching plant  maintenance:
    1.     Keep the concrete batching plant and surrounding environment clean.
    2.     Remove the deposited material in hopper, so that the sensors are normal return to zero.
    3.     Check whether lubricating oil of each lubrication point is sufficient.  Keep lubricators have enough oil.
    4.     Check whether the motor and electrical appliances are overheating and having abnormal noise, whether the indication of the instrument is normal, signal system is intact.
    5.     Usually check and adjust cylinder, valve and electromagnetic valve to ensure open and close meet the requirements.
    6.     Regularly check each system, if discover something is wrong, such as ash leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and electricity leakage, users should deal with them timely.
    7.     Concrete mixer and discharging hopper should be cleaned every four hours, in order to avoid concrete consolidation and impeding the normal operation.
    8.     Release the water in air compressor, air storage tank and filter, and remove the fault in operation.
    9.     Maintain valves, mixers, electromagnetic valve, air filters and lubricators in accordance with the relevant specification.

    Concrete batching plant’s aggregate supplying system maintenance:
    1.     Check belt conveyor before working, clear debris and mud. Fasten screws of each part and adjust the belt deviation phenomenon. Ensure all rotating parts be flexible.
    2.     Periodically change oil of electric drum according to required instructions.
    3.     Check and fill lubricating grease of all rotating parts after using six months, then take comprehensive removing oil every year.
    4.     Often check the sweeper and adjust the sweeper be close to the belt and ensure normal cleaning.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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