China Concrete Mixer Industry Investment Analysis

    pioneer concrete mixer company
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    Concrete mixer is the mixing machinery which mixes cement, aggregates and water into concrete. With the development of our country’s urbanization, concrete cement mixers are widely applied. Concrete mixer has also got rapid development. Next, Pioneer Machinery Co.,Ltd will analyse China concrete mixer industry investment.

    At present, our country has numerous concrete mixer manufacturing enterprises and products have formed serialization. But the technical levels of different manufacturing enterprises are uneven and only parts of products close to the advanced level. Some technologies even have exceeded those of importing concrete mixers. Some of these products have a high degree of automation, high production capacity, high weighing precision, less investment and high mixing quality, which can realize multi warehouse number, multi ratios and continuous production. In addition, the main mixer and the main components of products has high degree of nationalization.

    We should also notice the bad side of our domestic concrete mixer industry as well as the positive side.

    Our concrete mixer for sale has such inferior strengths as: low overall technical content, low popularity rate, regional differences, low intelligentization and bad environmental protection performance, etc.

    At present, our portable concrete mixer’s main customer base is large-scale infrastructure construction companies in major project construction. As for the market structure, around 80% products of concrete mixer enterprises are supplied to these large construction enterprises, so infrastructure construction has a very big influence for concrete mixing machines. Once the large construction projects with Gao Tie as the representative have completed, the concrete mixer market will face the risk of a rapid decline.

    Therefore, in the future, the commodity concrete machinery market will be the main point of growth for concrete mixer market. Especially in recent years, our country pays more attention to the environmental protection and the application of concrete cement mixer expands increasingly. The local government requests to the various places of buying concrete in the expansion of investment in infrastructure construction, which will also promote the development of concrete mixer machine.

    The above is simple analysis of China concrete mixer industry investment.

    pioneer concrete mixer company

    pioneer concrete mixer company

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