Do you know the Myths about Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    By agico

    1. The myth saying that there aren't any regulations on labeling these types of products is the first one to be cleared up. Many products claim to be "extra virgin" but in fact that these products aren't even close. Furthermore, the fake imitations are usually priced very high. The real product is judged depending on the exact edible oil extraction process used, color standards, and taste tests. Actually, when shopping, if there is any degree of sediment at the bottom of the bottle or if the product looks cheaply made, the chances are extremely good that it's an overly priced fake.

    2. This myth is among the most unknown facts in existence. Spain is now the greatest producer of the currently labeled the finest products across the world although we think of Italy when we think about these types of products and oils. And the only 3,000 gallons oil that is regarded as genuine, real, and original comes from a small section of Italy are released every year. Other oils maybe made from olives but not that excellent.

    3. Finally on our list of myths about extra virgin olive oil is in the process utilized for making it. A chemical process is used as a way to extract the needed ingredients while in the mean time using high pressure for the majority of vegetable based oils. But in extra virgin oil, there's no chemical involved. The times even influence the rating.

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